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Tractor DTZ 5244N

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Tractor DTZ 5244N

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. Tractor DTZ 5244N
DTZ 5244N - universal minitractor. On the Ukrainian market since 2013. The machine has a four-wheel drive. Equipped with enough well-proven three-cylinder diesel engine with water cooling, the power of 24 hp This model has a unique tractor gearbox, which circuit (3 + 1) x3. The tractor is designed to work with a large range of trailed and mounted equipment. This baler, segment and rotary mowers, rakes, hiller, plow, harrow, seeder grain, vegetable planter and more.
Features added product:
Four-wheel drive;
2 hydraulic pump;
The front wings;
Unique PPC (3 +1) x3;
Comfort seat.
Product Specifications
Engine Type Vertical, four-stroke diesel engine, direct injection, water-cooled
Engine power 24 hp / 17.6 kW
Displacement 1908 cc. cm.
Traction force 6,5 kH
Number of cylinders 3
Average fuel consumption of 250 g / kWh
Starting system electric starter
Clutch dry, two-plate
Differential Locking rear differential
The minimum turning radius of 2.6 m
Minimum ground clearance of 400 mm
Forward speed 27.78 km / h
The speed of movement back 10.92 km / h
Front track 1170mm
Rear track 1150-1350 mm
The size of the front tires 6h16
The rear tires 9,5h24
PTO speed of 540 rev / min
The cabin has
GUR have
Dimensions (LxWxH) mm 3030h1470h1907
Wheelbase 1670 mm
Fuel tank capacity 25 liters
Masa 1310 kg

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Our company "Motors business" is in Ukraine, we are cooperating with
foreign countries:
Egypt, Georgia, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Poland, Germany, Czech Republic, Italy, France,
In our company work only professionals, as
more than one year, they prove their skills in the forefront. Staff are always
seeking to improve - improve service quality, optimizing purchasing and
technical support of products at reasonable prices for consumers.
Now we are the suppliers and dealers of several brands:
MTZ Belarus 1021, 1025, 1220,1221,1222,1523, 1822, 3022.321, and DR, DTZ 504,240.3,

240. 4 244.3,5244N, 4244NH, and etc. HTZ 2511,17021,16131,3512, and other models.
All Tractors new warranty before the sale to re-run the test.
All the equipment is new. A complete set of documents.
Guarantee 100%
Insurance 100%.
In stock and on order have attachments, accessories, parts,
spare parts and other equipment.
All questions about the sale and delivery of goods in foreign countries:
Egypt, Georgia,
United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Poland, Germany, Czech Republic, Italy , France, Australia.
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